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Health and Dental

Replacement Health Insurance

Personal Health and Dental

An individual healthcare plan that fits your lifestyle is an important part of an overall wellness plan.

Key Benefits of Health and Dental Insurance

Health expenses

Covers expenses, that your provincial plan does not cover

Drug plan

Comprehensive drug plans coverage up to $3,500 per person

Dental plan

Coverage for exams, fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Vision benefits

Coverage for two eye exams a year plus frames and lenses

Travel plan

$500,000 COVID-19 coverage within the policies annual max

Affordable rates

Affordable plans that complement your lifestyle

Are You Retiring Soon or Between Employers?

From retiring to launching your own business, we know leaving a job can interrupt your everyday wellness plan and cause unnecessary stress as you start a new adventure. Make your transition as smooth as possible with one of our Replacement Health Coverage plans.

Key Benefits of Replacement Health Insurance

No medical questions

No medical questions, enrolling is seamless and hassle-free

Guaranteed approval

Irrespective of pre-existing health conditions

Fast claims process

Sign up for direct deposit, to get your money back even faster

These plans are bundled to include coverage for prescription drugs, vision care, dental, travel and more.

Group Health and Dental

With extensive group benefit plans, you can provide your employees with the group health insurance and benefits they need to remain productive. An attractive employee benefits plan can also help you find and retain the best staff for your business.

Key Benefits of Other Group Coverage

For employers

Retain and attract top talent by providing health care benefits

Health Care Spending Accounts

Alternative to traditional health insurance

Affordable coverage

No matter what your coverage needs are, we have a plan for you

From small businesses to large corporations, our group health insurance plans can be tailored to meet your needs.

responses to questions


1. Why do I need Health Insurance? I'm covered through my provincial health card. Isn't that enough?
You’re right, as Canadians we enjoy the benefits of our publicly funded health care system. It covers the basics, such as trips to your family doctor or the emergency room, immunizations, and some treatments for mental health disorders.

Our Personal Health Plans can cover health care costs government health plans don’t. Things such as contacts, dental exams, and massage treatments that help you feel and be your best. And when the unexpected happens, we cover the costs of road and air ambulance, preferred hospital rooms, medical equipment, and more to make sure you get the care you deserve.

2. If my spouse I want to include Additional Coverage Options with our health plan, do we have to choose the same ones?
Yes. Everyone with couple or family coverage must have the same benefits.
3. What happens if I move to a new province?
When you have a minute, let us know about your big move and we’ll update your plan right away. Depending on your new address, an additional premium or a refund may be necessary. We’ll tell you about any differences or changes. If you don’t receive provincial health coverage within three months of your move, please let us know.
4. How do I know if I'm eligible to buy a Replacement Health Plan?
To be eligible for coverage under a Replacement Health Plan, you must set up your plan within 60 days of losing coverage from a group benefits plan.
5. Do you offer benefits plans to companies of any size?
We offer benefits plans to companies with three or more employees.

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