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Non Medical

Life is Complicated, Your Insurance Shouldn’t Be.

Cancer Insurance

Hassle-free cancer insurance with the add-ons to cover you and your loved ones for a secure future.

Key Benefits of Cancer Insurance

No Waiting Period

Peace of mind with Simplified, guaranteed and fast Insurance.

Tailored Coverage

Personalize your cover that befits your insurance needs

Non Medical

Guaranteed Approval regardless of your health condition.

A small amount taken from your income can become a real-life saver during crucial time. Invest in Cancer Insurance and get a quote today!

responses to questions


1. What is the cancer insurance?
Cancer insurance product covers an individual in the event of a cancer diagnosis. No medical exam is required.
2. What is the eligibility for the cancer insurance?
You are eligible under the age of 65 even if you have previously been diagnosed with cancer.
3. Cancer insurance or Critical Illness Insurance: Which one is better?
Cancer insurance will cover you ONLY if you are diagnosed with cancer. Critical illness insurance will cover you for cancer, as well as other illnesses such as stroke, loss of hearing, heart attack, coma, paralysis, and loss of sight.

Other Major Health Conditions

Say goodbye to your insurance worries, as we have affordable and comprehensive health insurance, giving you life certainties.

Key Benefits of Other Major Health Conditions Insurance

Guaranteed approval

No medical and 100% approved life insurance with one click.

No Needles No Tests

Hassle-free, no visiting doctors, and no tests needed.

Affordable Premiums

Assured approval life insurance plan with an affordable premium.

Even if you have a pre-existing condition you may still qualify for life insurance.
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responses to questions


1. What diseases are covered under this product?
Accidents, cataract surgery, piles, sinusitis, kidney failures, cardiovascular diseases, and other critical health conditions like permanent paralysis, third-degree burns, or end-stage lung disease.
2. How will the product pay for my emergency medical expenses?
Your health insurance will either reimburse hospital bills directly if choose for the cashless facility or will pay any payment made by you towards medical expenses sustained during an illness or injury.
3. What is the eligible age for buying the product?
Although it differs, but the general age for adults ranges between 18 to 65 years while for kids between 90 days and 18 years.

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