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    Life Insurance

    Mississauga life insurance in simple terms is a contract between two parties, viz. the insurer, that is, the company that provides insurance cover and the insured, that is, the person who buys the insurance policy. In such a contract the policy is matured either after the maturity date or after the death of the insured person, whichever is earlier. The policy amount is then paid either to the policy holder or his/ her nominee, as the case may be. Based on the policy amount a yearly premium is calculated. Insurance also comes with a lot of tax benefits and provides a much needed security.


    Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical illness insurance is a type of general insurance policy that covers policy holders and in some cases its family members against critical diseases and illnesses, like chronic diseases, cancer, cardiac arrests, surgeries, etc. It is also known as health insurance and covers all the medical expenditures covered under the scheme like consultation fees, hospitalization expenses, cost of medicines etc. Medical treatment is expensive and if you want to get cured without having to worry about cash starvation, you need to have an insurance policy. You see it is a common man cannot afford high-quality treatment.

    Disability Insurance

    Disability insurance is a sort of income protection. It insures the policy holder against loss of income in case of a disability. It covers the risk of disability and secures the future of a household. Disability means inability to work or perform tasks. It can be temporary or permanent and the insurance scheme sees to it that in tough times the family gets what it deserves. Disability doesn’t specifically means physical inability. It can be mental, psychological and medical as well.

    No Medical Insurance

    Medical emergencies can surface at any time and take a toll on us. They can occur because of a number of reasons like accidents, plagues, genetic make-up, unhealthy eating habits etc. Medical problems however small must not be ignored. They should be taken care of because many a times problems grow up to become really big.

    Mortgage Insurance

    Mortgages often eat up a sizable chunk of one’s earnings, not to mention that there is also a property and a person’s life savings on the line. Mortgages can be suicidal and must be taken up only in grave need as it creates a huge burden. Initially the money that is borrowed takes care of pending bills and payments but later on it becomes quite problematic. Then there are banks or financial institutions who are very particular about their instalments. One default and you’ll find an official reminder at your doorstep.

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    We are purely a client oriented firm that puts prestigious clients before everything else. To us our clients matter the most and we ensure that they get the best possible services. We work hard for our clients and ensure that their problems are suitably addressed. Our mission is to provide personalized solutions to suit a client’s needs. Our accurate advice will secure the future of your family and maximize your wealth.

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