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Medical emergencies can surface at any time and take a toll on us. They can occur because of a number of reasons like accidents, plagues, genetic make-up, unhealthy eating habits etc. Medical problems however small must not be ignored. They should be taken care of because many a times problems grow up to become really big. 

Medical assistance is not cheap. It can empty your coffers and still keep digging. In order to ensure regular payment of expenditures, one must take up health insurance. It is one of the best ways to keep burden of medical expenses off your shoulders. Health insurance or medi-claim is an insurance policy that covers a variety of medical expenditures like hospital expenses, cost of medicines, surgery etc. It is a general insurance policy which needs to be renewed every year by paying premium.

Health insurance to suit your needs

There are various types of health insurance schemes available in the market. To ensure that the money paid as premium is not wasted, a policy holder should read the scheme or policy related documents very carefully

The buyer should check each and every detail mentioned in it. Only when he is satisfied with the terms, should he go ahead with it. For example, there are schemes that do not cover alternative medicine. Buy a policy that suits your needs. 

A health insurance policy should be such that it covers almost all types of diseases or medical conditions. Similar is the case with treatments. Not every method of treatment is covered under health insurance policies. For instance, bariatric surgery done using robotic arms is not covered under insurance schemes.

Types of health insurance plans

Buyers should also know about the type of health insurance plan. There are mainly two types of plans, viz. managed care system and indemnity health plan. Under managed health care you are not free to choose your doctor. Only the one recognized in the list of hospitals is covered. For that buyers should go ahead and obtain the list of hospitals. The out-of-pocket expenses are also negligible in this plan

If your plan is to opt for indemnity health plan then you are free to choose your medical facility and doctors as well. In this plan only a percentage of total expenditure is to be paid while the bulk amount is paid by the insurance company.

Take up a health insurance policy and pay your medical bills with ease.

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