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Medical Emergency ? Opt for Critical Illness Insurance

Problems have a bad habit of coming unannounced. And whenever they come, they come in handful. Sometimes some problems can be ignored, while at other times they cannot be. For instance, medical problems they cannot be neglected at any cost. It is often seen that in such trying times help doesn’t come easily and quickly. Therefore one must get a critical illness insurance done. 

Critical illness insurance is a type of general insurance policy that covers policy holders and in some cases its family members against critical diseases and illnesses, like chronic diseases, cancer, cardiac arrests, surgeries, etc. It is also known as health insurance and covers all the medical expenditures covered under the scheme like consultation fees, hospitalization expenses, cost of medicines etc. Medical treatment is expensive and if you want to get cured without having to worry about cash starvation, you need to have an insurance policy. You see it is a common man cannot afford high-quality treatment.

Why do you need a health insurance?

Critical illness insurance policies are quite helpful for people who are ailing from some or the other chronic or fatal disease. Public or government hospitals are cheap but do not have that kind of facilities that will ensure quick recovery. On the other hand, private hospitals have all the facilities but they are way too expensive. To get the best in class medical treatment without worrying about its expenses, you need to have some sort of health insurance. 

Critical illness insurance policies are general insurance policies. The validity of a health insurance policy is only one year. The premium paid under the policy covers you against health problems occurring within the year from signing the policy. As a policy holder you’ll need to buy a policy every year to keep yourself insured.

Policy cover

There are a variety of critical illness insurance policies available to choose from. What a policy will or will not cover depend purely upon the amount of premium. The higher the premium amount the more is the coverage. Critical illness insurance covers the following:

Medical expenses

Nursing or hospital expenses

Cost of assistance devices like pace maker, wheel chair etc.

Disability cover

Home renovation expenses like installation of ramp, setting up of equipments etc.

Business expenses

One must always get himself and his kin medically insured especially for critical illnesses as you never know what might happen in the very next second.

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