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A great man once said that it is not important how we are born but how we die. We all live for our loved ones. We work hard so that they can get all they happiness they deserve. It is the family that comes first and we all will go to great lengths to see they live comfortably even after our death. Life insurance is one such method through which we can secure the future of our loved ones. It is not merely a contract, but a ray of hope that when we ain’t around any more, our family members will live a modest life. A life that is free of day-to-day financial problems. 

Life insurance in simple terms is a contract between two parties, viz. the insurer, that is, the company that provides insurance cover and the insured, that is, the person who buys the insurance policy. In such a contract the policy is matured either after the maturity date or after the death of the insured person, whichever is earlier. The policy amount is then paid either to the policy holder or his/ her nominee, as the case may be. Based on the policy amount a yearly premium is calculated. Insurance also comes with a lot of tax benefits and provides a much needed security.

Types of life insurance policies

A person can opt from a variety of life insurance schemes like term insurance, universal life insurance, endowments, annuities, etc. Two of the most preferred are:

Term insurance:

It is an insurance policy which is taken for a specific term, say 10 years or 20 years. In term insurance, all the premiums are levelled and there is even a bonus in case the company earns well. In term insurance scheme the maturity amount is paid in lump sum and not in instalments. It is also the most preferred insurance scheme.

Permanent life insurance:

Permanent life insurance provides lifetime coverage to its policy holders. Such policies are flexible and their premiums can either be raised or decreased throughout the policy’s life. The premiums paid in this scheme are more than term insurance. The reason behind opting this scheme is to leave behind a substantial amount of wealth to heirs.

Life insurance is a good investment option that allows people to save a small amount every year so their nominees or successors can get a decent amount after maturity or their death.

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