About Us

Family always comes first. To secure its future we constantly work hard. We keep our expenses low to increase our savings. We do financial planning, make investments, and take up insurance policies, loans and everything else, just to make our family members financially secure. In monetary matters we must always seek the help of a professional or an expert who understands what’s best for a person. At Is Insurance, we have been in business for more than 15 years. We serve our clients with the best of life, critical illness, disability and mortgage insurance. Our offices are located in Mississauga and Toronto and are easily accessible. We are pioneers of our field and have a long list of satisfied clients.

Our Mission

We are purely a client oriented firm that puts prestigious clients before everything else. To us our clients matter the most and we ensure that they get the best possible services. We work hard for our clients and ensure that their problems are suitably addressed. Our mission is to provide personalized solutions to suit a client’s needs. Our accurate advice will secure the future of your family and maximize your wealth

Financial stability

The motto of financial planning is to stabilize ones future and increase the wealth he has earned. At Is Insurance we work hard to ensure that our clients achieve their desired goal of increasing their wealth through safe means. Financial planning is our forte and we are too good at it. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who are nothing less than experts.

Chartered life insurance underwriter

There are variety of insurance schemes available in the market but you may not know which one is apt for you. This can be because of a number of reasons. We are one of the major independent insurance brokers and certified life insurers. We deal with all the prestigious insurance companies and can get you the best rates for your policies. We deal with all types of medical policies, viz. medically underwritten and no medical life insurance. We also provide RESPs and RRSPs services. With us you do not even have to worry about claims as we’ll get them settled at the earliest.

At Life Insurance 4 U, with our dedicated customer service new guaranteed general and life insurance policies we ensure that nobody is left uncovered and without any financial aid. So, if you want services related to insurance call us today.



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